Work Accident – Lady Loses Her Fingers

A Packaging Company Was Charged After a Female Worker Severed Her Fingers.

A worker from an encasing company has lost a couple of fingers in a work-related accident, Health and Safety Executive has filed a law suit against the company that is based in Greater Manchester.

The fifty year old woman from the town of Golborne in Wigan identified as Karen Schoelzel who at that time of the accident was employed at Arrow Flexible Packaging Limited. She was trying to change the rubber insert on a specific equipment made to clip handles into synthetic bags.

Her left hand was caught on the process when the machine unexpectedly began to function. Her long finger was lopped just above the major knuckle, but the forefinger was totally cut off from her hand.

work accident compensation claim

Health and Safety Executive conducted an inquiry and they found out that the workers do not disconnect the machine before changing the rubber inserts and that the parts of the equipment that usually moves have no safety barriers to restrict access.

However, Health and Safety Executive have documented that the equipment’s operating knobs were not appropriate and would have been accidentally switched on, yet no conclusive evidence was gathered to explain how the equipment set off.

The Magistrates’ Court at Trafford penalized the company Arrow Flexible Packaging Limited in Clarence St, Golborne for ₤1,000 for court fees and other expenses and an amount of ₤3,500 thereafter confessing a violation of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations. Although the victom won a successful work accident compensation claim, it still leaves her with a terrible injury to live with.

Nearly 5,000 individuals working in the fabrication industry have experienced a severe work-related injury a year ago; the majority of them would be eligible to file an accident at work compensation claim.