Acoustic Shock Compensation

If you feel you are suffering from acoustic shock that has occurred due to your work place activities, then you may be eligible for acoustic shock compensation. A good law company can help guide you through this process, with professional work compensation lawyers that work on a no win no fee basis, so you only pay out of the compensation you get!

What is Acoustic Shock?

Acoustic shock occurs when a loud, explosive type noise is transmitted through a telephone headset. The noise can be accidental or it may a malicious act. Accidental noise is sometimes expected but never is it excusable. Making a noise flare by blowing a whistle or using condensed air is not only poor conduct is punishable. Call center employees are especially subject to acoustic shock because they work all of their shift using headsets.

It is important to point out that acoustic shock is considered an industrial injury and like other hearing related industrial injuries, it is no joke. Acoustic shock can cause permanent deafness or Tinnitus. Imagine living the rest of your life with ringing in your ears. Acoustic shock compensation for this injury is available if a claim is filed and won.

Acoustic Shock Compensation

What Causes Acoustic Shock ?

The initial source of the explosive noise can vary, but the damage is consistent. The sharp and dangerous spike in noise causes tiny cells in the ear canals to die off without replication. For each cell, that is damage or killed a degree of hearing is lost. Sometimes hearing can be restored but for many the damage is permanent.The certain cells with the ear canal grow specialized hair that collect and tone noise vibrations which we hear as sounds. When these specialized cells die off, so do the specialized hair shafts, and with them go our hearing.

Can I Make an Acoustic Shock Compensation Claim?

Acoustic shock is not a joke. Laws have been put into place to protect employees from needless injuries. Even as technology changes the employer has a responsibility to replace out of date tools with tools that are safe for the employee to do their job. If an industrial injury has befallen you, than you may be eligible to file an acoustic shock compensation claim.

To make a claim for acoustic shock, certain pieces of evidence should be collected. A claim solicitor can help in gathering evidence and work related data. To win an acoustic shock compensation case requires that the claim of injury be proven to be the result of the employer. Employers have a legal and mandated obligation to prevent needless injuries to their employees. It is the employers responsibility to make sure that head sets are up to date and have noise blocking technology that would otherwise prevent many of the acoustic shock cases. (more…)