Poultry Was Penalized by Health and Safety Executive After An Accident at Work

Llynclys Farm, a poultry farm based in Shropshire was prosecuted because of a grave accident.

An unnamed worker, who was 36 years old at that time, was temporarily hired in July of 2009 by Llynclys Farm, which also has a place in Stroke Heath Farm, Market Drayton.

The worker was trying to transfer the hens out of the poultry house and was walking through a makeshift platform which was made of piled up cages.

Accidents at Work

He stumbled and fell off three metres to the floor and was injured at work, which resulted to fractured pelvis and his lung collapsed.

The Health and Safety Executive made an inquiry and discovered that while Llynclys Farm has determined the hazards of falls, they still failed to make barriers on the platform to avoid it from occurring.

The Llynclys Farm paid £6,000 in fines and £6,276 in fees after pleading guilty at Magistrates’ Court of Shrewsbury.

A Health and Safety Executive inspector, Janice Dale talked to Insider Media and said that an accident wherein a worker falls from height is still the most prevalent cause of fatalities in the place of work, and inflicts grave injuries to those who are lucky enough to survive this preventable accident.

She also added that Llynclys Farms have recognized the possibility for workers falling from the said platform, but was unable to make the necessary changes even if it has been there for about half a decade before that unfortunate event.