Gas Leakage in an Illegitimate Mine in China Kills

Gas Leakage in an Illegitimate Mine in China Kills Thirty-four Mine Workers, Nine Are Not Yet Rescued, but May Already Be Dead, According To the News Firm Called Xinhua

After being trapped last Thursday, the probability that the miners can get out alive is uncertain, according to the rescuers. The illegal mine’s managers in Sizhuang, in the province of Yunnan have already been detained. The mine had been ordered to close last April, while a comprehensive investigation was promised by the supervisors.

In a different accident in Gansu, China, local officials said a coal duct was flooded last Sunday, as a result seven mine workers were confined below the ground.

Gas Leakage

The incidents came after the State Labour Protection Agency gave a directive in upholding the safety guidelines at all mining sites in China. During an industry seminar in Hefei, Vice Premier Zhang Dejiang said that their country’s coal mines yet confront a severe situation.  He also added that the latest accidents served as warning that preventing accidents from happening is complicated and needs immediate attention. Vice Premier Zhang also encouraged scientists to build advanced technologies like methane capture, and modernized equipment to lessen disasters.

Their recent official statistics for 2009, over 2,600 workers died due to accidents in mine sites, according to Xinhua.

The families of the workers who died in work accidents in China are eligible to receive an amount of 660,000 yuan.