Following An Equestrian Site Injury An Ex-Jockey Receives Compensation

A compensation of £22,000 from one of the first-class equestrian sites in the South West was awarded to Jeff Kear, an ex-professional jockey, for a grave injury that could have been avoided if only he was using a steel cap shoes.

Health and Safety Executive has issued new recommendations, emphasizing agriculture as the most hazardous industry in the United Kingdom, which resulted to the award.

The ex-jockey Mr. Kear was hired at Stockland Lovell, an equestrian facility located near the town of Bridgwater. He has been working as a manager for two weeks, at that time he was transferring two enormous wooden pallets when it crashed on his left foot and severely injured his innermost toe. The upper half of the toe was cut off due to infection and caused Mr. Kear a hard time walking.


According to expert Personal Injury lawyer, Jonathan Rich from Pardoes Solicitors, that Stockland Lovell was unsuccessful in making an evaluation about how to do the job safely, and did not supply their Mr. Kear with steel cap boots. The facility also does not practice any safe method in the place of work. Jonathan Rich also said that they were glad Mr. Kear acquired the suitable reward for the injuries he had suffered.

Subsequently, Mr. Kear was not capable of working since he was injured at work , and just a month ago he experienced a stroke. Mr. Kear is currently living in Lambourn at the Injured Jockeys Fund residence.

Right after the wooden pallet fell off; he was in excruciating pain but tried to disregard it. But when the pain did not stop, he went to the physician who treated his toe. Then the doctor set a series of antibiotic medication for Mr. Kear. Days later, he could no longer walk due to the pain and so he decided to go to Accident & Emergency of Musgrove Hospital.  The physicians told him that half of inner toe must be amputated due to severe infection. The Citizens Advice Bureau endorsed Pardoes to Mr. Kear, he was very pleased with the advice and assistance he received from them.

Stockland Lovell’s Mark Hill said that they feel sorry for what Mr. Kear had suffered because of that awful incident, and that they should have advised Mr. Kear to wear the appropriate footwear for the job. He added that he was there working with Mr. Kear on the day of the accident, when he went out to look for a machine the accident took place. Mark Hill said that he regularly calls to check Mr. Kear’s condition for a few weeks, he also persisted that Mr. Kear must see a doctor.However Mr. Kear claims that he did not acquire any request for forgiveness from Stockland Lovell.